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Recruiting Ideas
Keep Filling Your Funnel With Leads!
Don't depend on one  direction for your leads, make sure you have them coming from all areas so that you are never without leads to build your business,

Recruiting Tips Shared By Other
Successful Leadership Representatives!

What A Fun Way To Get Leads & Customers!



You have seen or even participated in the SPORTS events Tailgating...people bring out their best food, best souvenirs, and best beverages for a GREAT TIME. Most of the time, if not always, everyone is willing to share with everyone walking by.

To share our wonderful product and opportunity with others.
To advertise your business!

WHAT YOU NEED (but not limited to):

* A minimum of 2 representatives, but not more than 4 at one time
* A large or noticeable vehicle
* AVON BANNER (Leadership Kit has a perfect one!)
* A POSTER with the words FREE AVON on it - use vinyl lettering (6" or larger) or lettering from the computer. DO NOT HAND WRITE THE SIGN - make this professional! DO NOT USE RED LETTERING - use DARK BLUE OR BLACK ON A LIGHT COLORED BACKGROUND
PLEASE NOTE: AVON must be in ALL IN capital letters, as per the advertising policies of AVON. AVON is a registered trademark and logo.

* Samples and testers
* Recruiting Information and Kits
* Current Brochures
* Sales Receipts
* Pens
* Clipboard(s)
* Customer Survey - provided on the following pages
Leave the children at a daycare or babysitter so you can focus on the activity and HAVE FUN!


-- Appropriate to the weather BUT PROFESSIONAL
-- Some reps wear khakis and a polo shirt.
-- AVON name badge or pin
-- This is not a place for jeans, t-shirt etc. This is work, not errand running or house cleaning time!

WHEN: (not limited to, but recommended):

-- Friday afternoons 10-2
-- Saturday afternoon 10-2
-- Sunday afternoons 11-3


Find an empty parking lot or parking space where there is a heavy flow of traffic AND easily accessible by motorists. Avoid construction areas.


-- Each representative should have a sign to hold up
-- Park the vehicles in an angle that you can hang the Banner facing the street
-- Tie Balloons to the vehicle
-- Stand by vehicle and wave at passerby's-LOOK LIKE YOU ARE HAVING FUN, because this is fun!


-- To be fair to each other..rotate who gets the leads.
-- When a motorist drives up, ALL REPS should smile and wave, but ONLY ONE person go up to the car or wait on the person to walk up to the AVON vehicle.
-- They stop by because they are curious, looking for a specific AVON product or need an AVON representative.
-- If they fill out the customer questionnaire, give them ONE sample, one brochure and let them know you will take GOOD CARE OF THEM and call them soon!

SMILE, SMILE, SMILE and be polite and say thank you as you finish the conversation and/or as they drive away.

THERE ARE NO HARD AND FAST RULES to TAILGATING, this only serves as a recommendation. Make the event PERSONAL and YOURS, but always remember to be professional and have FUN FUN FUN!!!


(ready to print, photo copy and cut in 1/2 for your use)

Are you currently being serviced by an AVON Representative? YES ____ NO___
I would like information about (check all that applies to you):
______AVON Partner/Helper (collect orders from friends, family and co-workers,etc.)
______Purchasing AVON products
______Receive future AVON brochures
______AVON Fundraising (school, church, family reunion, other charity)
______AVON Earning Opportunity (starting my own AVON business)

THANK YOU for stopping by today


NAME _________________________________________________


CITY/STATE/ZIP _______________________________________

PHONE _________________ EMAIL_______________________


Grab & Go

I found a great way to store and transport my samples. The fishing tackle department at your local Wal-Mart has some beautiful holders for fishing lures. The ones I found have a pretty blue case with a see through lid on both sides, and a carry handle. I have one set up with all of my skin care samples (in the original avon boxes, arranged in alpha order) on one side and my foundation color samples on the other. I can read the box tops right through the lid! It is so easy to grab and go!  One of my downline found a clear ammunition carrier for her lipstick bullets in the hunting department!


Brochure Bombs!

Purchase extra brochures or ask your an area...toss them out. Sherry Horn successfully does this on a regular basis and recommends this to everyone!


Recruit & Customer Search

Places to search for new customers and recruits:

*Be sure to have lots of brochures old or new with you, a business card and maybe some samples to hand out and recruiting fliers and WEAR YOUR AVON NAME BADGE: craft fairs, flea markets, shopping malls or their parking lots, grocery stores or their parking lots, parties for direct sale products (Tupperware, Partylite, House of Lloyd,etc), playrounds, kids parties, online chats, schools (after school when mom's are picking up their kids), pizza parlors, OR JUST anywhere! Just do it.
* Ask for a phone # to "follow up" and ask if they would like to be added to your mailing list to receive a brochure regularly; that way you'll get an address too.
* If you do this at one location for 1/2 to 1 hr 2 or 3 times a week, you will most definately increase your customer base and/or downline.
Mark your calendars..and make a commitment to do it!
Recruiting Tip

Here's an alternative to tear-off flyers using your business cards.

Customize a label template dividing a page into four sections. On the top portion of each section include a recruiting idea (such as "Earn 40% on your first 4 orders" or "Set your own hours"), then cut the page into the four sections. Fold the bottom up to hold several of your business cards. If you like, cut out a front section of the folded portion so that your business cards are viewable. Hang them on payphones, community boards, etc. or any place that you can think. What's the worst that can happen!


Lead With Vision!
Leaders Keep Their Eyes On The Horizon.
Not On The Bottom LIne.